2 Fool-Proof Tips for Generating Leads with SEO and Social Media

So many modern businesses fail to see the true lead generation potential of SEO and Social Media. When SEO is only seen as a tool to generate website traffic without the goal of generating leads, or when social media is used solely to disseminate product knowledge, the massive possibilities of these two versatile strategies become limited. If you already know how to drive traffic to a website and if you’re already well-versed with keeping your social media engagement in tip-top shape, that’s all well and good. For those who want to know how to leverage your SEO and social media to increase your sales, listen well. Here’s how lead generation-optimised SEO services and social media management can help your company reach new heights.

SEO: Know the User Intent Behind Your Keywords

Apart from being experts in email marketing management, digital marketing experts know how powerful keywords are. While some people pepper their page with popular phrases mindlessly plugged in metadata and content, digital marketing services will factor in the user intent for the keyword in question.

Let’s say you have a website offering social media management to your clients. You’ve discovered that the term “social media management” generates a lot of website traffic. You set up a landing page for that keyword, but a problem appears: weeks later you’ve noticed that your bounce rates are very high. What to do? Take a look at the Search Engine Results Page for the keyword and study the user intentions. You might find out that searchers are looking for information about social media management, and not a product. Time to create some really great informative content instead of hard-selling!

Social Media: Optimise Your Paid Ads for Lead Generation

Most companies still don’t know that Facebook ads can be optimised to focus on generating leads. Running FB ads such as promoted posts allow you to generate leads from the right audience by highlighting your content on the newsfeed of your chosen audience. Share a link to your contests, instructional videos, eBook, or blog post, but before giving them access, ask them to fill-up a simple sign-up form. The more information that your company has about a user, the more adept you will be in personalising your future messages to align with their interests, raising the chances that they’ll be interested leads in the future!