4 Social Media Influencers Businesses Can Learn From

Digital Marketing has massively reshaped the landscape of businesses – and Social Media is one of the most powerful driving forces for engaging prospects and raising brand awareness. Social Media is one of the most persuasive tools businesses can use for marketing, and influencers, people who have gained a massive amount of niche following, have risen to the top. Learn a thing or two about how this Social Media Management masters leverage Digital Marketing Platforms and apply them to your own Digital Marketing Strategy.

  1. Shelly Kramer


Marketing guru, CEO, and Social Media influencer Shelly Kramer is the queen of Digital Transformation. She helps businesses make the most of their Digital Platforms, and is adept at applying fresh solutions to Digital Marketing Strategies. With 105K followers on Twitter, Shelly publishes a fun mix of her own articles and carefully curated posts that educate people on the power of influencer marketing.

  1. Aaron Lee


When it comes to the incredible power of personal branding in today’s digital age, Aaron Lee is the go-to guru. As the top 5 of Forbes’ 2013 50 Top Power Influencers List, Aaron has mastered the act of selling himself as his Twitter and Instagram feeds tie in seamlessly with his lifestyle blog, entitled Short of Height. His incredibly accurate and cohesive personal branding has earned him a massive following of 815K on Twitter. Aaron is a regular on Social Media Examiner, The Huffington Post, and Mashable, constantly publishing articles that educate people about the power of social selling, branding, and lead generation.

  1. Jessica Zollman


Photographer and social media influencer Jessica Zollman is a prime example of an entrepreneur who has successfully mastered the ins and outs of digital media to promote herself – and her huge following is a testament to that. Jessica provides content that hits her target audience in the bull’s eye as she leverages the power of Instagram Stories in order to efficiently connect with people. More than just content, Jessica has also mastered analytics, allowing her to efficiently measure and adjust her Social Media Strategy.

  1. Gary Vaynerchuck


Entrepreneur and online selling expert Gary understands the significance of Digital Marketing in today’s world. He publishes marketing insights in a variety of social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Medium, while providing regular insights, tops, and career lessons. Check out Gary on Social and get Digital Marketing tips on a variety of subjects such as Email Marketing Management, SEO services, and other Digital Marketing Services.