4 Wonderful Reasons to Try Email Marketing

Amidst all the Digital Marketing mumbo-jumbo, the question of whether Email Marketing Management is still relevant to this day is met with a resounding yes. When today’s marketers need to do more with less resources, Email Marketing stands out as the single most cost efficient tool for generating buzz and making online sales. It has been said that for every $1 spent, Email Marketing will give you back $38 in ROI while also providing the broadest reach among all available channels. Here are four reasons why email marketing is a superstar tool in all digital marketing services.

Email Has a Massive Reach

If we’re playing the numbers game, Social Media doesn’t compete in comparison to the reach email can give you. Facebook has 1 billion active users while Twitter has 255 million. The winner? Email trumps the two with 3.9 billion email accounts worldwide since 2013. The logic as to why email is the winner is simple: you need an email account before you do most stuff online – even when it comes to signing up for Facebook or Twitter. Almost anyone who is online has an active email address, so when it comes to reaching out to your potential prospects, email is hard to trump.

Email Has More Visibility

Social Media Management is great and all, but when it comes to selecting between gaining a new Facebook fan or a new email subscriber, it might be better to opt for email. Around 90% of your email gets sent to your recipient, while only 2% of your Facebook fans see your posts in their newsfeed. If you want your messages to be seen without having to pay for paid advertisements, email is the way to go.

Email Will Be Around… Probably Forever

What on earth is MySpace? Says today’s young generation. Though Facebook will probably be around for years to come, with the speed of today’s digital innovation, everything is fair game. Email has a very long history of stability with new marketing strategies and opportunities to create attractive newsletters and email blasts. Investing is Email Marketing Management is investing for the long term.

Email Converts

Did you know that you are 6x more likely to have someone in your subscribers list to click-through to your website via email as opposed to Twitter? In email, your subscribers opt in to hear from you, so you’re marketing to an already interested pool of people. If you’re a marketer that is focused on driving conversions and nurturing leads, Email Marketing Management is a great choice.

In the end, though email offers a wide range of benefits that make it far more superior to Social Media, the latter has, of course, advantages that email may not offer, so don’t forget to strategize to know what’s best for your business!