5 Tips to Generate Leads with Mobile Marketing

If you haven’t optimised your lead generation strategies to take into account the increasing number of people who are now using mobile devices, then you may be missing out. It’s no longer enough just to ace your Social Media Management, Email Marketing Management, or SEO services – the year 2017 has made it incredibly vital for businesses to optimise their lead generation for mobile phones. This year, a massive chunk of your website traffic won’t be coming from a desktop, so make sure you educate yourself with these five essential tips for generating leads with mobile marketing.

  1. Make Sure Your Call-To-Action is Clear

When it comes to serving your Call-To-Action (CTA), modern marketers and businesses must now take into account what it looks like on various devices. In general, in order for your CTA to appeal to mobile users, it needs to have a clear text that is action oriented, include images and photos that are optimised to view well on small screens, and should be very easy to click on.

  1. Make Your Phone Numbers Clickable

When it comes to optimising your website for lead generation, it makes sense to make your phone numbers clickable to serve mobile phone users. Clickable phone numbers allow your visitors to easily contact a number without memorising, copying, or pasting a number into their “phone” app. Once a viewer clicks your number, the phone immediately calls the number – streamlining the conversion.

  1. Keep Your Content Short

Wondering how to drive traffic to your website without bounce rates? Mobile viewers view everything on small screens, so make work easier for them by cutting your text short. One of the most valuable tenants of mobile lead generation is optimising your content for small mobile screens. What are the three most important keys for optimising your mobile content? Keep your text short, break up your content with bullets, headlines, and small paragraphs, and always remember to put the most vital content at the beginning of your article.

  1. Keep Your Profiling Forms Progressive

If there’s one thing customers hate when it comes to their mobile phone experience, it’s filling out lengthy forms that’s made even more difficult by small screens and their unresponsive touchpad interfaces. Keep this difficulty in mind when you’re designing a form to gather leads. Avoid having too many fields or small field sizes that are very difficult to select.

  1. Leverage Customer Loyalty Programs

One of the best ways to generate leads through mobile phones is to offer customer loyalty programs that utilise discounts, coupons, or other promotions that may be redeemable through mobile phones. Location-based hardware in most mobile devices has made promotions that are tied to the physical location of your store possible.