How Are Australian Businesses Saving Up to 60% In Operational Costs?

Ever wonder how Australian businesses are coping with today’s heavily competitive and massively globalised world? It’s no longer a secret. Australian companies are enjoying massive savings and more productivity from outsourcing in the Philippines, and facts are here to prove just that. With offshore staffing, Australian businesses are able to cut as much as 60% off their operational costs, and within reason. Quality labor is just much more affordable across oceans, and with the Philippines as a hub for highly-skilled graduates and experienced workers, managed offshore solutions have never been more attractive.

The Offshore Trend Is Here

Offshoring ancillary functions to a managed offshore solutions partner in the Philippines offers you big-time savings. The extra cost of hiring personnel, office space, monthly wages, taxes, and benefits can be too much, especially for entrepreneurs that are just starting out. Australian company ANZ employed massive job cuts in Australia and turned to Manila to attract cut-price workers to take over many of their positions. Candidates for their required roles are expected to have excellent English skills, a quality most Filipinos have. The message here is clear: Australian companies are taking advantage of cheaper labor costs without sacrificing quality, and the Philippines is perfect for that.

Instantly More Affordable

Australian companies that plan to outsource will discover that expensive infrastructure requirements are massively cut back as they are moved offshore. This includes high-technology IT systems, state-of-the-art call centers and technical support, which are massive money burners for companies. A great example of this is Australian telecommunications giant Telstra, who shed over at least 80% of its call centre based in Melbourne and sought managed offshore solutions from the Philippines. By outsourcing your rudimentary functions to external vendors, you can keep your investments in these areas very low while focusing 100% on your core features and services, which leads us to another cost-saving feature of offshore staffing…

Focus More On Your Core Activities

Processes that are outsourced to the Philippines will free up your organisation’s internal resources so you can use them for more mission-critical endeavors. More resources equate to more cost-savings and a better competitive edge in the market. While your competitors are doling out hard-earned money in expensive local labor, you’re taking advantage of affordable offshore services that produce better quality output. Offshoring allows you to increase your productivity while at the same time being able to manage your in-house resources more efficiently.