Have you received a call from a call center agent before? Did you call a customer support line to have food delivered to your home? If you answered “Yes” to one or both of these questions, the person taking your call most likely works at a call center in the Philippines. Just what is a call center anyway?

A call center is a centralized workplace which is made to transmit and receive a big volume of calls regarding business transactions. Some of the common, outsourced call center jobs involve customer service, utilities, mail order retailers, directory assistance and telemarketing.

Call centers are categorized according to inbound and outbound services. An inbound facility has its customers calling the employees (they are technically called “agents”), so services like customer service, order taking, directory assistance fall into this group. Outbound centers have their agents calling the customers, so services like debt collection, market research, lead generation, information gathering and appointment scheduling are included in this list.

A typical agent’s workstation includes a desktop computer, a headset and a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) telephone system for conducting business transactions. There are some Ortigas call centers which operate in an wide work space, equipped with every resource that is needed for everyone to do their call center jobs efficiently. Thanks to advancements in computer and Internet technology, call centers have comprehensive tools for serving the consumers in the best possible way.

In the business atmosphere and cut throat competition of today, outsourced services that are offered by call center agents in Pasig call centers are an important part of helping business industries thrive. Outsourcing has provided the people of the Philippines with jobs while contributing to the revenue of the company it supports. Call centers have been helping corporations manage their business operations for years. Could you imagine how difficult it might be for big companies to handle all those tasks without help from the call centers?