The Most Common Elements of Effective Facebook Ads

With three million advertisers on Facebook, it takes really effective Digital Marketing to blow your competition out of the water. Facebook is the most comprehensive and sophisticated advertising tool we’ll ever have in our lifetime, especially with its advanced targeting opportunities that are just as effective as SEO services for your Return on Investment. However, do your ads attract attention in the tough battlefield for online attention?  We put together some of the best tips for creating effective Facebook ads to help you with your Social Media Management.

  1. Effective FB ads are goal oriented.

The best Digital Marketing Services will include measurable goals in their Facebook ads. Even before you construct your copy and develop your ads’ visual elements, it is important to figure out what the goal of your ad is. Facebook Ad Manager allows you track down important KPI’s in your Social Media campaign that will help you determine if you are reaching your goals, whether it be brand awareness, sales, or website traffic. Your goal determines what your content, design, and call-to-action buttons are, so make sure its set even before you begin.

  1. Effective FB Ads Allow Ideal Buyers To Identify With The Ad

With millions and millions of Facebook users, poor targeting will be the death of you. The value of Facebook advertising is being able to target a very specific audience who are most likely to interact with your ad, and you can do this by developing a unique buyer persona. With Facebook ads, you must figure out the following for effective targeting:

  • Demographic Information: Gender, age, relationship status, location, family size, income, career, and educational background
  • Shopping Behavior: Does your targeted consumer purchase online or offline? Where do they conduct product or service research?
  • Pain Points: How can your product or service provide a solution to your consumer’s needs? The more you understand the problem that you are solving, the more you can craft your copy and design to highlight that fact.
  1. Effective Ads Create Brand Consistency

When Facebook users click on your ad, the Facebook Page or website that they land on should look and feel like the ad they just clicked. This rings true not just in Facebook ads, but in Email Marketing Management as well. Did you know that using consistent messaging, colors, logos, and other branding elements on your Facebook page and ads instantly increase your trust and credibility with your prospects?