Creative Ways to Generate Leads with Instagram

So you’ve tried SEO Services and Email Marketing Management to generate website traffic, how else can you reel in new leads? With 500 million monthly active users, Instagram could be one of the best channels for drawing in potential clients. The right Social Media Management on Instagram could land you with new prospects and high-quality leads, but with Instagram being a photo-heavy platform, the strategy may be a bit different as compared to other Social Media channels. Here’s how to drive traffic to a website via Instagram and how you can use it for lead generation.

  1. Target the Right People

One of the major advantages of Social Media advertising is user targeting. With Instagram, you can spend your ad budget cost efficiently by targeting only users who are most likely to interact with your brand and make a purchase. You can use Facebook pixels and lookalike audiences on Instagram to consumers with similar attributes to your Facebook ads. Once you have targeted the right audience, you can use re-targeting to market your brand to the audience that has already developed interest with what you offer. An effective re-targeting strategy can turn mere page visitors into actual buyers.

  1. Make Your Brand More Personal

Consumers today are tired of pushy sales messaging – they now value brand interactions and relationships. When it comes to Digital Marketing Services, putting a human face in your brand by telling stories is a great way to attract a new market with discriminating tastes, and Instagram can help you achieve just that. Share behind-the-scenes images of your company, add humor, give your followers a more personal look into your employees, and share company stories about how you began. Add a call-to-action to your posts by telling visitors to access your website for more information, and make your website do the selling. Humanising your brand makes it look more relatable – and it also makes your content more engaging.

  1. Tell Fan Stories

A brand’s authenticity is boosted when fans back them up. Aren’t you more convinced to purchase a product when your friends rave it about it? Leverage this psychology on Instagram by telling stories of how your service or product has made the lives of your customers better. The result is an advertisement with a human touch – one that your consumers would actually want to see. Make it a point to always collect feedback from your customers, and if the feedback is good, ask them to post about it on Instagram for a reward. Combine fan stories with your own company storytelling to better entice your target audience to making a purchase.