Using Simplified Digital Marketing for Your Business

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when we start talking about digital marketing. With so many marketing tactics, strategies and social media tools and channels available it can be hard to figure out where you should start.

In this article, we’re going to cover 3 fundamental digital marketing basics, to kick-start a digital marketing campaign for your business!

Digital Marketing is often made to sound confusing, but it doesn’t need to be. The truth is, it is just marketing but done digitally. While there are a lot of similarities between traditional and digital marketing, there are also key differences between a winning campaign that makes you money and a losing campaign that gets you nowhere.

“Identify and define your target market.”

Before you start doing anything, you need to identify and clearly define your target market. Ask yourself, who it is you are trying to reach? This part is crucial because your target market will dictate how, where, and what you advertise. As an example, you are going to use a different method to deliver a message to a 63-year old grandmother who likes gardening and stays in Tasmania, than you are to a 22-year old guy who just graduated college, loves outdoor sports and lives in Sydney. Both of these markets would respond differently to a variety of images and messages you will present to them, and will likely hang out in different places online as well. So, you need to take note and find the best marketing approach for them. Identifying them first allows you to target them better, saving you time, effort and money by not marketing to people who wouldn’t be interested in what you are offering.

“Use native or relevant content.”

Create marketing content that would be appropriate and relevant to whatever digital channel you would like to use, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. First, check out how others are using these social media platforms if you are not familiar with them. Use this to make a decision on what sort of marketing content you are going to be promoting. You want your content to not only look like it belongs there but more importantly, to stand out for people to notice. For example, you use a unique picture to brand your product or service for Instagram, and this can result in a great amount of likes and followers. That’s what you want to see. Other tips can also be, writing a compelling or thought-provoking article online, keeping your Facebook ads friendly, social and interactive, and keeping your tweets on Twitter short and engaging. Make sure you deliver a clear and consistent message at all times, so your positive results can compound over time.

“Track how your campaign is performing.”

With traditional marketing, you will not be able to measure how many people your message reaches. With digital marketing, you can measure everything. Test and measuring is imperative to all businesses. For example, if one avenue of marketing is bringing you $10,000 worth of business every month but it is costing you $15,000 to maintain then it is definitely not worth maintaining.

If you are not test and measuring everything that you do you will go backwards, won’t be able to tell where you are making money and it will be very hard for you to grow your business.