Why Digital Marketing Dominates

There’s no doubt about it, digital marketing has massively shaped the marketing world since the advent of the Internet, and companies around the world are starting to realize how essential online presence is to their business. The rise of digital marketing services has catered to these companies, and everything from social media management, SEO services, and email marketing management may be handled by experts in the field. We’ve certainly come a long way from newspapers and flimsy paper brochures! Here are a couple of reasons why digital marketing is king.

  1. Connect With More Customers Than Ever

Traditional marketing allows you to get the word out, but digital marketing allows you to explode and go viral. Digital content, either free or sponsored, allows you to connect with more consumers more efficiently that direct mail, billboards, or PR campaigns. The stronger your online presence is and the more people you connect with, the more your business becomes successful.

  1. Leverage the Mobile Customer

The facts are here: smartphone ownership in Australia massively increased from 11.1 million in 2013 to 15.3 million in mid-2015, according to IAB Australia/Nielsen Online Ratings Establishment Survey. Mobile phones are no longer just alternatives to PCs and laptops as the average consumer uses their phone for researching products before he or she consider making a purchase. It makes sense to use a marketing strategy that allows you to target mobile phone users around the world!

  1. Everything is Trackable

Everything online today is ultimately trackable, and analytics services like Google Analytics and Facebook insights allow you to monitor all of your customer’s actions and preferences so you can have a better gauge into their buying behavior. This allows you to craft the perfect buyer’s experience and even calculate and improve your sales by measuring data from all angles of your campaign!

  1. Easy Credibility

Digital marketing is nurtured by social proof and real testimonials from customers who have tried your products or your services. Since customers are more likely to buy a product or try a service when they have been recommended by friends, digital marketing becomes a powerful tool to build your credibility. This is a godsend for new businesses just trying to penetrate the market and generate buzz. A good recommendation from social media user with a strong following on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, also known as an influencer, can generate thousands of leads for your business!