The Future of Email Marketing – Improving Your Business Strategy this 2017

Did you know that email marketing is just five years away from being around half a century old? It’s been around for years and yet this Digital Marketing technique is still constantly evolving. Today, email marketing has become smarter and stronger, as it has become one of the most efficient ways to deliver relevant content at the right time. Businesses looking for Digital Marketing Services need to make sure that their Email Marketing Management is handled by a company that is up to date with today’s newest technology.

An Evolution in Marketing Automation

If the secret of Email Marketing Management is sending the right message at the right time, marketing automation has become the ultimate solution. Marketing automation is poised to be much better and smarter this 2017, with more options to fine tune automated campaigns with optimised sending and advanced segmentation. This allows marketers to not just be in control over the content of their message, but on when it will be sent and who will receive it as well.

KPI’s Will Be More Sophisticated

Today, Email Marketing platforms are sophisticated enough to develop comprehensive reports, streamline email development tasks, and even coordinate with other business apps. A good Digital Marketing company will be able to provide you with a great email service that goes beyond just opens and clicks – we now have the capability to measure subscriber location, bounce rates, and more. With tools like Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics, marketers may now employ Email Marketing Management to report on ROI of email marketing campaigns without needing to create custom content and email links to obtain insights.

Email Marketing Will Tie With Behavioral Data

With the vast number of consumers now using smart devices, marketers now have access to a remarkable array of consumer usage data such as games played, apps downloaded, and even games played. With behavioral data, marketers using Email Marketing may divide their audiences into segments via their preferences that allows them to target using relevant content and personalisation, helping deliver the perfect message at the perfect time. Behavioral data gives Email Marketing Management an exciting degree of personalisation, also helping increase engagement and improve KPIs all throughout the marketing funnel. If you’re looking to dominate your competition this year, the data we collection from smartphones has made this feature so much easier.