How to Generate Leads Through LinkedIn

Digital Marketing Services that provide Social Media Management and SEO Services now recognize the value LinkedIn has to offer, and for good reason. LinkedIn is a great Social Media tool for lead generation, but it’s also the easiest to do wrong. Unlike other Social Media Channels such as Facebook or Twitter where your company can thrive in a casual “environment”, LinkedIn requires a higher degree of professionalism. It is, after all, a business and employment-oriented Social Media Platform.

The technique to driving website traffic with LinkedIn is to do it with patience – provide valuable and engaging content first so you can build a relationship of trust and create real relationships. Establish real conversations. Here are some of the best tips on how to drive website traffic with LinkedIn.

  1. Create Top-Notch Content

No matter what Social Media Platform you are in, content will always be extremely important. Create engaging content through LinkedIn Pulse so your business partners and potential clients can perceive you as a credible expert. Invite your readers to comment and share your blog, and be sure to comment back on each comment that you get from your network, even just to say thanks. You can also send a personal message to all the people who shared or comment on your post so you can get a conversation going. This is a good opportunity to connect with your audience without looking like you are just throwing out spam.

  1. Share Your Content

After you’ve generated great content, the next task is to share your content with as many people as soon as you can. Sharing is absolutely essential on the first 24-hours that your post has been up because the more attention your post gets, the more the LinkedIn Editorial Team might boost your blog to more people. You can share your content with our e-mail list with Email Marketing Management, your other social media channels, or with your LinkedIn groups.

  1. Make Your Own LinkedIn Group

When it comes to developing the best engagement and developing yourself as an expert in your field, creating your own LinkedIn group is one of the best decisions you can ever make. With a LinkedIn Group, you can send an announcement each week to all of your group members, directly to their e-mail inbox on a single click. This is a great feature when you want to send updates about your new blog!