Grow Your Business: Creative Online Lead Generation Techniques That Work

If one of your most vital business processes is to generate leads, then you might have enlisted the help of Digital Marketing Services for your Social Media Management, Email Marketing Management, or SEO services. However, with new avenues for marketing and online promotions, lead generation tactics consistently evolve while Digital Marketing agencies scurry to keep up. The year 2017 has brought with it various advancements in Social Media and Technology, so allow us at Ringside Marketing to tell you about some of the most effective techniques for lead generation that actually work.

Blog Consistently

The advice that blogging regularly to improve your inbound marketing still rings true. This year, take your blogging endeavors to a whole new level by providing content on a wide variety of topics such as educational how-to’s, special blog series, and round-ups that educate your readers. Blogging provides value, and with value, you can gain the trust of your users which will then convert them into buyers.

Make Your Newsletters Social Media Friendly

A great way to tap into your subscriber’s network is to give them an option to share your newsletters. The best Digital Marketing agencies with Email Marketing services know this. Not only will this encourage your newsletter subscribers to follow you in Social Media Platforms, but you also get a host of new email subscribers if they choose to share your message. Don’t forget to split-test all the elements in your newsletters be it color or wording!

Optimise Your Campaigns For Mobile

It’s already a fact that the number of mobile users has surpassed that of desktop users for years, so make sure that all your campaigns are aligned for a user-friendly mobile experience. What this means is taking into account screen size limitations when it comes to design, or even making your mobile forms as short as possible as cell phones aren’t conducive for heavy typing. Too much effort from the customer may prevent a conversion!

Add Laser-Focus to Your Landing Page

The secret to a landing page that’s perfect for lead generation? Make sure it has a crystal clear Call-To-Action. Give your website traffic one clear reason why they are on your page by optimising for a focused goal – which can be anything between making a sale or gaining a lead. Review your landing page and find out how many Call-To-Action buttons you have and try to eliminate any Call-To-Action’s that are low priority.