Helpful Strategies for an Effective Instagram Marketing Campaign

From facilitating User-Generating Content (UGC) to encouraging dialogue and building a community, Instagram offers huge potential for viewer engagement. If you only focus on posting and neglect viewer engagement, you will miss out on the chance to organically grow your following.

It should always be relatable to your target market. If it doesn’t, then you’ll have a hard time reaching success with this platform. What, when and how you present your content is the main foundation of your Instagram marketing strategy.

To grow your Instagram Marketing Campaign keep on reading!

Bio Optimisation.

When creating your Instagram bio, it must focus on what’s best in your brand. It has a 150 character limit which you can maximise to briefly educate your viewers. Putting a branded hashtag helps to direct users to find and share your content and even view other content related to your brand.

Geolocations or Geotagging.

Geotagging is a term for embedding your current location in a photo. This data is being collected by the GPS device in your smartphone or tablet and would be accessible on Instagram, if you grant permission. According to studies, Geo-tagging your posts receives 79% higher engagement — which means more prospects that you will turn to clients. This feature allows other Instagram users to find you through that specifically-tagged location.

If you are a business or an organization that usually travels and hold events, Geo-tagging is also a useful feature. You can monitor if the event is attracting the interest of your audience or who’s connecting to you in that specific location as well.

Social sharing across networks or Cross-posting.

Ensure your existing fans know that you’re on Instagram through ‘cross-posting’. Instagram allows you to connect your profile to accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and Swarm. You can also automatically share your Instagram posts on these platforms as well, which is an increased ability to reach more people, even those who doesn’t have an Instagram account but may have one of these social media accounts mentioned, will be able to view your post.

Follow Industry Accounts & Instagram Influencers.

Which kind of content you usually post on Instagram? Just say, you own a restaurant business. Then you’d probably post food stuff or some photos of your own menus. With that, you can have some inspiration in creating your content by following top food bloggers. That way, you can easily keep an eye on what design and editing style work best for a food content while you also find inspiration on how you present yours.