6 Helpful Tips about Facebook Marketing

Facebook, being the largest social network worldwide, is a favourite for most web marketers. Statistics for March 2017 (Facebook MAUs) says that there are over 1.94 billion monthly active Facebook users around the world, which is an 18 percent increase on last year. Here in Australia, there are approximately 24.3 million people according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Population Clock. As of January 2017, Facebook users had gone up to 16 million — which is roughly about 65.84% of the Australian population.

But you may ask, “how can I market my business on Facebook?” First, we need to understand that this is a unique feature and this is different from other social media platforms. Here are some tips that would surely help you.

  1. Set a clear goal and plan a strategy on how to achieve it. In doing this first, it gives you a clear direction and a way to measure your social media marketing success.
  2. Post at least once a day. Users anticipate Facebook for frequent update unlike other media like magazines, television or online web pages. Backed by statistics, almost all Facebook users would like to check their newsfeed and see if the pages they follow are posting fresh and interesting content on a regular basis. They always like to be entertained as well as being educated. Use tutorial videos (or picture) or any relevant material that would catch their interest.
  3. Stimulate interaction with games, contests, offers, etc. Facebook friends surely like it when it’s fun. Research shows that discounts or giveaways are the main reason that a consumer will follow a Facebook Business Page. Furthermore, surveys, offers, and contests would add life to your page.
  4. Engage with your audience and respond in the quickest way possible. Encourage other Facebook users to react and comment on your posts about your business or any interesting topic. Now, when they do, reply to them quickly, because if you don’t, you risk weakening your audiences’ interest and eventually they leave your page.
  5. Learn more about your customers. Facebook Insights is a great tool to know more about their interests. This way, you could customise your post and also your promos and offers to meet their needs.
  6. Never use Facebook for hard selling. This is a warning. People see Facebook as an entertaining way to socialise. They use it most during leisure times where they can keep in touch with friends, at the same time checking each other’s photo or video post. Advertising catchwords, posting about your product or service over and over, or using a list of your product and prices to the comment section that is not related to the conversation, may eventually tick them off — which may result in negative comment or your other followers ‘unfollowing’ you.