How Your Business Can Deal with Instagram’s Hashtag-Demolishing Shadow ban Update

Okay, so here’s the latest story in Digital Marketing: Instagram just released a new update which heavily reduces the visibility of heavily hashtagged posts in order to make way for sponsored messages. If the social media channel with 400-million daily users is a significant inclusion to your marketing strategy along with SEO services and Email Marketing Management, then now may be a good time to panic just a bit.

What exactly does this mean for your business? Limited organic opportunity to be found and seen which leads to fewer new followers and decreased reach. But really, it’s not all that bad. Here’s the right Social Media Management strategy to employ so your business can cope with the change.

Shine The Light On Influencer Marketing

You’ve heard of it, and there’s no reason not to jump on the bandwagon. Influencer marketing is fast becoming a guaranteed way to growing relevant followers through cross-promotion. An x-deal of your goods or services in exchange for their promotion is a great way to tap into influencers, but always make sure to get strategic on how you select your influencers (hint: influencers with a smaller but more loyal following generate more engagement and returns to your business that celebrity-status accounts).

Get Users Involved In Your Brand Story

When aiming to build interest and brand loyalty, nothing beats leveraging your users in your own content strategy. Have a lot of loyal followers who like posting about your brand? Give them their 15 minutes of fame and feature them across your social media channels. Word of mouth is still one of the most effective marketing tactics in the book.

Put Up A Contest

Develop a brand hashtag and run a giveaway competition asking your followers to share imagery. This works both ways: by growing engagement and creating buzz as more and more users share submissions that their followers can see. Click on your hashtag and you instantly have entries that you can repurpose within your future marketing or content campaigns.

Leverage Your Call-to-Action

The bio link is a very powerful opportunity to promote sign-ups, lead your followers to a landing page, or offer downloadable assets. This will be easier to access by promoting this link in your content and using it in combination with the tips stated above. Whether you’re posting a video, post, or Instagram stories, try to tie back to your trending theme by escorting your followers to your bio link.