How to Integrate Traditional Marketing Methods with Your Digital Marketing Strategy

With so many effective digital marketing tools available, companies tend to ditch the tried and true traditional methods behind. If you’re looking for more bang for your buck, a combination of both traditional and digital marketing techniques is still the most effective method, leaving you with much more results that using either on its own.

The effectiveness of traditional marketing methods like billboards, TV ads, and mailings have plummeted through the years, especially amidst the rise of social media management, email marketing management, and SEO services, but that doesn’t mean that they have lost all their benefits! Here are a couple of ways you can integrate traditional marketing methods with your digital marketing strategy.

  1. The Power of Active and Passive Marketing

Depending on your company’s objectives, the passive power of traditional marketing can work wonders when integrated with the active power of digital marketing. Television and print is great in encouraging viewers and readers to check out your website for even more info, or even join an online contest or campaign. Take for example, Coca-Cola’s “Share-a-Coke” campaign. Coke’s summer campaign encouraged consumers to find bottles with their friend’s names on them, snap a photo of the product, and tag their similarly named friend while using the hashtag included in the label. Social media exploded with photo submissions from people around the world, making it a brilliant marketing strategy.

  1. More Channels Are Better Than One

Let’s face it. Although a vast majority of the population is online, not everyone is digitally savvy like the younger generation is. By incorporating traditional marketing methods with your online endeavors, you will be able to reach all kinds of customers that you might not have tapped into if you only stuck with social media or websites. Leverage the power of both traditional and digital strategies to allow your message to be spread to more people!

  1. Develop More Personal Relationships

If you’re stuck with employing just traditional marketing strategies, you’re missing out. Digital media allows you to reach a more specific audience while nurturing your relationship with them with content and engagement in a deeper and more relevant level. Why don’t you give out hardcopy brochures that encourage your consumers to check out your website or follow you on your social media accounts? Once your consumer base is in your social media, you can actively engage and develop a closer relationship with them, which helps you with developing a loyal following!