Lead Generation Trends That Are Taking Off This Year

The early bird catches the worm in Digital Marketing, and those who have the foresight to anticipate changes and ride on trends before their competitors do are the ones that dominate. The challenge to generate website traffic and attract qualified leads is becoming more and more complex as new tools and technology emerge. We’ve seen the rise of SEO Services, Social Media Management, and Email Marketing Management as ways to capture leads, but what other trends in Digital Marketing Services are catching up this year?

Augmented and Virtual Reality

The rise of Pokemon Go over the past year was a green light for businesses to ride on the bandwagon, and Digital Marketers are little by little realizing the attractive value of augmented and virtual reality.  A variety of big businesses have been leveraging augmented reality to promote their products and services and generate leads. A great example is Ikea, a furniture company that developed an augmented reality app that allowed users to see how their furniture would look like when propped in their homes even before purchasing them. McDonald’s Australia, on the other hand, developed a digitised Monopoly Game that allowed users to scan property and chance cards they get in McDonald’s and store them in the game for a chance to win prizes.

Interactive Storytelling

Today, it’s no longer enough just to provide content. With users wanting to become a part of the story, brands must now think of creative ways to present their content through interactive means such as quizzes, videos, infographics, generators, graders, calculators, and assessments. The reason for this is quite simple: plain content can be boring. For inspiration, check out BuzzFeed who is doing this quite well. Interactive marketing offers unforgettable content that urges potential customers to convert which in turn provides you with high-quality leads.

Live-Video Streaming

If you’re wondering how to drive traffic to a website, consider live-video streaming. Consumers are now demanding more in-the-moment and less pre-meditated content, while the rise of mobile devices has coerced more and more apps to incorporate live-video into their features (hello Facebook and Instagram). Live video is free, doesn’t require much preparation, and is so incredibly easy to make. Though it has been in a quick upward trend for the past few years, 2017 is really where it takes off.  More and more brands and individuals are marketing over live-video for lead generation, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t too!