3 Link Building Tips to Successfully Improve Website Traffic

Okay, so you want your business website to be more visible in the search engines? Link Building helps you improve the number of inbound links to your website and helps you increase your organic search traffic. There are various ways to improve your website traffic – keep reading to understand more!

  1. Focus on your content

Google is the world’s leading search engine and is popularly used by digital marketers. When Google made an update called Google Hummingbird Algorithm in 2013, it has changed the link building process completely.

Google becomes more intuitive in this Hummingbird update and started to focus more on its search relevance or meaning rather than its keyword matches. Just say, someone enters something in the search bar. Rather than matching only the keywords used in the query, Google tries to look behind each and every word and even intuitively understand the word structure and come back with results which Google believe to perfectly match its meaning or relevance.

In this update, understand that the idea of just plainly embedding keywords all over your content wouldn’t deliver you as much results as you previously had. If you hope to improve your presence on the search engines, it becomes more important these days to ensure that your content is more ‘need-focused’, so your audiences can find value in it.

  1. Offer mutually beneficial relationships

Aside from establishing relationships with your audiences (which is one of the fundamentals) and if we plan to take our business to the next level, it also helps that you find reputable websites in the same domain as yours (whether digital marketing, floor cleaning etc.) and offer a mutually beneficial relationship.

An example is to offer writing as a guest blogger on their site, contributing high-quality content to attract more readers towards their site. This is an offer that is hard for them to resist. Since you can mention your website in your blog contribution, this will allow you to share with their traffic in return. Eventually, you can connect with their audiences and vice versa.

You both share a common goal which will serve you as a binding factor and further builds up to a natural link building relationship between your brands. Google appreciates this!

  1. Be persuasive and patient.

Building relationship takes time. It’s like dating – you don’t try and hit a home run on the first date.
You are in for an intricate process, yet in the end, it’s a very self-fulfilling task. Your goal is to convince these brands about why they should partner with you and what benefit they would get in return. You must prove to them that your brand name has already gained credibility and influence, as well as being clear about your sincerity to contribute something valuable to their brand. This is why it is imperative that you focus a long-term branding campaign as part of your relationship building strategy.