How’s Your Payroll? Cut Your Wages Now!

We love our employees, but the truth cannot be denied: payroll can be a headache. The cost of running a business is no trivial matter, especially if you consider the number of employees you have to provide coverage for. Thanks to globalisation and the wonders of the Internet, Offshore Staffing and Outsourcing in the Philippines has opened up a wide range of exciting possibilities for businesses.

One of the most striking advantages a Managed Offshore Solutions provider offers is its capacity to lower wages while maintaining maximum productivity and quality of work.  Productivity and quality of work skyrocket as back office jobs gets outsourced while your core team works on the things that really matter. When you outsource a job, you can cut operational costs as you make do without wages, taxes, training fees, the cost of frequent turnovers, and much more. Here are some of the best roles an offshore staffing company can help you with:

Social Media

If you’re a small business, Social Media Marketing is a great way to generate buzz without overspending, but getting your hands on an in-house social media expert who knows today’s modern strategies can be very difficult and needless to say, expensive. At such an early phase in your business, it doesn’t make sense to hire a full-time Social Media Marketer. Seeking Social Media experts from staff leasing companies will give you an expert who can approach Social Media much more professionally than you would if you just did it yourself.

Marketing and Web Design

Marketing and Web Design are two of the most heavy expenditures you’ll spend the most on in your business, but seeking Offshore Staffing Solutions in the Philippines will give you access to brilliant Marketers and Web Designers for a fraction of the cost. From building a website from scratch, redesigning one you already have, to branding, logo creation, and content writing, you’re sure to find a team offshore that is sure to meet your standards.


Staff leasing providers can provide you with well-experienced and qualified bookkeepers to make sure your accounts are secure, safe, and well managed without the need of hiring an in-house bookkeeper. Labor in the Philippines is incredibly affordable, and even if your operations are small and local, an outsourced bookkeeper can represent significant savings for your business!


The Philippines, as the Asian country that is most proficient in English, is a haven for brilliant telemarketers. If you’re a start-up business and believe that telemarketers are only obtainable by big businesses, think again. An Offshore Staffing company can provide you with highly skilled telemarketers for a fraction of the price!