How to Motivate Your Remote Staff

A vast majority of the Filipino workforce is eager to work, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for ways to constantly keep them motivated and passionate to work when you’re outsourcing! The success of your business is connected to the morale of your employees both in-house and outsourced, so trying to maintain a positive workplace is very essential for all business owners. Motivating your staff isn’t rocket science. Regular feedback and constant communication is the trick to keeping your remote staff happy. If you’re outsourcing in the Philippines to cut operational costs, the following actionable insights will help you keep your employees happy.

Offer Regular Feedback

Most managers tend to forget the value of regular feedback when it comes to offshore staffing. The trick to a motivated team of workers is to have transparent and honest communication on a regular basis. Make it a point to check in with your team regularly to make sure that all issues are brought to you even before they escalate. After you offer your feedback, don’t forget to give your employees the avenue to offer their feedback as well. A well-motivated employee is one that has a voice and a purpose in the workplace.

Recognise Accomplishments

If you’re offshore staffing in the Philippines, it’s important to realize the value of celebrating your remote staff’s successes. If you’re seeking Managed Offshore Solutions, your agency might have their own reward system, but it also doesn’t hurt that praise comes from you as well. Keep both your offshore and in-house team up to date with achieved targets and dole out praises (or bonuses!) for any of those who deserve it.

Open Avenue to Less Formal Communication

Thank the heavens for web-based apps! The wide variety of instant messaging apps now allows employees to communicate without the stressful formalities of email. This freedom instantly empowers your workforce as they are now allowed to communicate with you and your in-house staff on a more personal level.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

With everything said and done, one of the best ways to keep your offshore team motivated is pretty simple: keep it fun. Though it might be difficult to engage in social activities when you’re miles apart, you can still keep the working environment enjoyable and lighthearted by cracking jokes, sending funny emails, or personally greeting birthdays!