Offshore Staffing used to be a privilege only large corporations could enjoy, but in today’s globalised world, even small to medium-sized businesses can take advantage of the cost-efficiency and productivity of BPOs. For Australian businesses, the opportunity is ripe for outsourcing in the Philippines and seeking Managed Offshore Solutions.

Here’s why they are choosing Philippines:

1. Skilled Professionals
The Philippines produces 500,000 new university graduates every year, and they are smart, quick on their toes, versatile, effortless to work with, and can easily adapt. The Philippines has a literacy rate of 97.5% in 2013 – a whopping number for a country with approximately 29 million entering the workforce annually. The country is also home to a number of reputable universities who are highly competitive in the global stage, making it a nation of stellar professionals.

2. Affordable Labour Cost
A BPO in the Philippines can provide you with excellent service for a fraction of the cost. Offshore staffing Philippines may be up to 80% more affordable than local Australian resources, and since the Philippines is consistently dubbed as one of the best destinations for BPO services, the time to seek managed offshore solutions has never been more perfect.

3. Cultural Compatibility
The Philippines has been transformed into a country that’s compatible with Western cultures, thanks to decades of colonisation. Filipino workers are versatile and able to work exceptionally well with Australian businesses as they can effortlessly adapt to their ethics of work. This allows you to see eye-to-eye with your hired workforce as instructions rarely become lost in translation.

4. World Class English Skills
The Philippines is the 3rd largest English-speaking country in the world, as it ranked #1 in the BRIC economies and trumping other economic powers such as Italy, Mexico, Japan, Chile, and Colombia. Seeking managed offshore solutions in a country with a brilliant English-speaking workforce and low cost of living is a great boon to your business.

5. Similar Time Zone
Time zone serves an integral factor when building an offshore team. With similar time zones, outsourcing in the Philippines becomes less of a hassle.

6. Varied Offshore Solutions
A brilliant workforce is able to provide a wealth of solutions for Australian companies that are looking for managed offshore solutions. Most Australian companies seek the help of Filipino staff for bookkeeping, content writing, web development and graphic design, sales assistance, customer support, data entry, social media, and market research.