Your Website is Your Online Billboard – Make Sure It Dominates Google!

The quest to dominate website traffic has been a grueling one for businesses, especially in the recent years when Google has been rehashing its regulations quicker than you can say Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Why are so many businesses going through the tedious hassle of optimising their websites when they can just let them be and pray to the gods that Google looks their way? The answer is simple: search engines want you to work for your content. With so many SEO companies employing black hat techniques for their clients, search engines have become smarter and made how to drive traffic to a website more work intensive. Digital Marketing Services must now adapt and provide SEO services based on genuine content. If your website is your online billboard, you have to make sure you’re on top. Here’s how.

How Does SEO Work?
Search engines decide which websites get the highly competitive first page in their list by taking a couple of very specific factors into consideration. These factors may include popularity, website quality, and user satisfaction. The right SEO strategies from the right vendors will send the right signals to the major search engines, helping your website land a top spot in the search engines. Apart from Email Marketing Management, Social Media Management, and Lead Generation Services, most Digital Marketing companies offer SEO services as well, but make sure your vendor employs all the right modern techniques!

What Can A SEO Based Company Do For You?

• Keyword Research and Identification
Before your website’s ranking is improved, a SEO company would first analyse and research on the right key phrases and keywords for your business through meetings with your team. The company then turns online to find out who your competitors are for these keywords.

• Primary Website Optimisation
If your website has never gone through Search Engine Optimisation, SEO experts will get the ball rolling with initial optimisation first. This involves leveraging the keywords researched for your metadata, description, title and individual page titles.

• Search Engine Submission
While search engines naturally scan your page for the keywords you’ve set up, submitting your website in the search engines’ index will speed up the process.

• Enhanced User Experience
User experience is integral for your rankings. If visitors access your site and find it difficult to navigate, they’ll be gone in a couple of seconds while increasing your bounce rate. Your bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that leave your website after only viewing one page. Your bounce rate gets picked up by search engines and you’ll find yourself slowly finding your way to the bottom of the list

If you’re looking for a great SEO vendor that also provides great Digital Marketing Services, drop us a message! We’ve got all the right tools to make sure you succeed in the World Wide Web!